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Why borrow when you can get access to early finance from your current customers?

Is factoring right for you?

Factoring and invoice discounting is being used by over 47,000 companies in the UK, generating a combined turnover in excess of �170billion GBP, according to the factoring companies' trade association.

    • Do you invoice other companies? If you do then you can factor?
    • Are your invoices based on stage payments which must be agreed? If the answer is yes it may be possible you are not suitable!
    • Do your invoices take longer than 90 days to collect? If yes then you will have to agree special rates with the factor.

The way that the factoring company operates and the quality of service that it offers is important as it can affect the financial health of their client company and therefore selecting the wrong factor can have negative effects. *

Forward Thinking Financing Solutions:

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Factoring and invoice discounting is the process by which a business sells their accounts receivable to a third party at a discount. Getting factoring right is paramount. Staffordshire solicitors and many other legal professionals may need to be involved in this process as the application and impact of laws can vary widely based on the specific facts involved in each factoring case.

As all commercial participants of factoring and factors should be aware that not everything runs smoothly because sometimes disputes can arise, leading to the need for a commercial litigation in Hampshire . This is why it is imperative for a business wanting to employ the services of a factor ensure they invest time in researching which factoring company will be right for their business.

Although factoring can provide a great life line to some businesses, others may not be so well suited. One example could be a Lawyers in Surrey which receives payments in stages ie when certain work or a common goal is achieved. In this instance it may be probable that a lower advance rate will be offered due to the perceived increased risk.

When handling, processing and accounting for business invoices, depending on the size of the business of course, specialist accounting software and it support in essex maybe required. Once this information has been processed by the software the consolidated data can then be passed onto a factor for a discounted rate of the invoice/s value.

Sometimes businesses may find themselves with cash flow problems, especially in these current turbulent economic times. Factoring in this instance could provide a cash flow boost for intellectual property solicitors , electronic suppliers, telecommunication providers, marketing consultants and many other businesses looking for access to early finance from their current customer base.

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It is paramount that if you need financial advice that you use a company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, giving them the necessary expertise as a Nottingham Financial Adviser . Even better is to find a first financial consultation that is free of charge so that you can get an idea of the costs involved in using the service and that all expectations are agreed and met.

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